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Our Historic Location

Come for the history, stay for the style

Located about 40 minutes west of Denver, the barn that now houses Mountain Home (and 7 other local businesses) carries with it more than sixty years of history. The gorgeous and historical Hiwan Barn that Mountain Home - as well as seven other local businesses - currently exist in was originally built in 1942 to house the nationally-prized H.W.R. Helmsman Hereford bull (who was worth $61,000 back 1947!)

HelmsmanH Hereford Bull

The original homestead was then turned into a museum in August of 1975. Most locals knew the barn as the old hardware store back in the 2000's before it became the Mountain Home store it is today.

It’s not every day that you’ll find a store so rich in history with such unique and enviable offerings. The barn currently houses seven businesses and entirely known as the Evergreen Design Center.


Mountain Home, a home store offering furniture, accessories and carpets in a setting that evokes the textures and materials of Colorado homes, is the anchor store set in the lower level of the barn. Worth a visit for the history itself, this gorgeous barn is a great destination if you plan on taking a trip to downtown Evergreen!

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