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Local Art

Our unique selection of art from local Evergreen artists has been hand-picked to compliment the rest of your mountain home.

Betsy Buckner

Betsy was a "late bloomer" in regards to the art field.  She worked in an art gallery for five years and was so inspired by the artist's work, she decided to go back to school and learn how to paint at the age of 40.

  She was probably very close to have painted every dog in Evergreen, CO., when she was inspired to start painting Colorado Wildlife.  Because of her signature style and the eyes of the critters, most folks can spot a "BETSY!" 

Betsy Buckner

Art has been a lifetime passion for Tricia Bass. Her love of the great outdoors, and particularly the Rocky Mountains, has led her to a career as a plein air painter. Bass has learned that the essence of feeling and the play of light and color in a scene is what she hopes to catch in a simple, pleasing way. 


It is not always the breathtaking vista that excites her but sometimes the smallest, simplest subject will catch her eye to inspire her to bring paint to canvas. She lives on the front range of the Rockies, near Denver. 

Tricia Bass

Margaretta's voice is expressed through fresh, loose brush strokes and lots of rich full-volume color.  She aims to balance that spontaneity with a sense of sophistication and control. 

She achieves that with a thick impasto and delicious directional brushwork with layers of color always attempting to allow each layer to shine through, even and maybe especially, the under painting. 

Magaretta Caesar

Meg Leonard

Meg Leonard was born in Chicago, Illinois and studied art at Wright College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she majored in painting.


Her abstract paintings are conversations between the artist and the medium.  Often these paintings begin as a reaction to an event or emotion, raw and unfiltered.  As the painting progresses and transforms, so do the initial impulses.

Meg Leonard

Blending modern insight with old world training, Anita enjoys painting a variety of subject matter. For Anita, contemporary art is an interpretation of the moment, captured directly thru color with exuberant strokes across the canvas.

Anita paints in her Centennial, CO studio and her work has been featured in articles numerous times in Southwest Art magazine including  “Artist to Watch” in 2001 and in American Art Collector, Western Art Collector, Art of the West and Vail Art Magazine. 

Anita Mosher
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