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Holiday Décor

At Mountain Home, we take Christmas to the next level with our stunning holiday displays. Our team of elves works tirelessly to transform the barn into a magical wonderland each year. You'll find four uniquely themed Christmas trees, including our spectacular 12-foot tree that reaches up through the hay loft. With the largest selection of holiday ornaments, decor, garlands, wreaths, and more, we have everything you need to make your home festive and bright for the holiday season.

We Carry:

• Tree Ornaments

• Holiday Décor

• Garland

• Wreaths

• Gifts

Be sure to chat with any of our in-store designers while shopping to get the assistance you need :)

2022: Old World

For Christmas 2022, we embraced an "Old World" theme at Mountain Home. Our 12-foot tree was adorned with traditional Christmas colors of red, green, and gold, along with cranberry garland, candles, and hand-carved wooden ornaments. This nod to simpler times and classic decor captured the essence of an Old World Christmas, and was a stunning addition to our holiday display.

2021: Boho Glam

In 2021, we brought a touch of bohemian flair to our Christmas decor with our Boho Glam theme at Mountain Home. This chic and stylish display featured a mix of natural elements, like greenery and wood accents, with luxurious touches of gold, silver, and shimmering textiles. This theme was perfect for those seeking a unique and eclectic approach to holiday decorating.

2020: Christmas Plaid

At Mountain Home, our Christmas Plaid theme in 2020 was a festive and timeless celebration of the holiday season. With plaid accents adorning everything from our decor to our holiday apparel, we brought a touch of classic elegance to the festivities. This theme was a nod to the timeless appeal of plaid patterns, and proved to be a popular choice among our customers.

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